The data

We currently have available all Champion Ladder match data for seasons 1-51. This post will just be a quick rundown of what is in the dataset, so that I have a reference for when we start to do some real analysis.

The spreadsheets contain one line for each game, so the number of rows gives us the number of games and the number of columns are the number of parameters recorded for each match.

ccl_data = map(ccl_files, read_csv)

num_games      <- map(ccl_data, nrow)
num_parameters <- map(ccl_data, ncol)

bind_rows(Games = num_games, Parameters = num_parameters, .id = "") %>% 
  kable(format.args = list(big.mark=','))
18,033 30,496 18,950 22,963 17,290
95 95 95 95 95

So around 20,000 games in each season (except for a big spike in games for season two) and each match has 95 stats recorded. These can be broken down to coach, team and other categories. What they are measuring is generally self-explanatory from the column heading, but some can be a bit confusing.

Coach data

Prefixed with coaches.[0|1]. for home/away coach:

  • idcoach Numeric coach id
  • coachname
  • coachcyanearned
  • coachxpearned

Team data

Prefixed with teams.[0|1]. for home/away team:

  • idteamlisting Numeric team id
  • idraces Numeric id of team race
  • teamname
  • teamlogo File name for team logo?
  • value TV of team (as displayed on team page, so missing journeymen?)
  • score Touchdowns
  • cashbeforematch
  • popularitybeforematch Fan factor
  • popularitygain
  • cashspentinducements
  • cashearned Actual amount of cash gained by team
  • cashearnedbeforeconcession Equal to cashearned unless there was a concession
  • winningsdice
  • spirallingexpenses
  • nbsupporters
  • possessionball % of game spent in posession of ball
  • occupation[own|their] % of game spent in posession with ball on own/opponent’s half of the pitch
  • mvp Number of MVPs for a team (useful for figuring out who conceeded?)
  • inflictedpasses Inflicted, ie. how many passes this team completed
  • inflictedcatches
  • inflictedinterceptions
  • inflictedtouchdowns
  • inflictedtackles
  • [inflicted|sustained]casualties Armour breaks, not actual casualties. Those are called injuries
  • [inflicted|sustained]ko
  • [inflicted|sustained]injuries
  • [inflicted|sustained]dead
  • inflictedmetersrunning
  • inflictedmeterspassing
  • inflictedpushouts Crowdsurfs
  • sustainedexpulsions from fouls

Other data

  • uuid|id Unique game id as hexadecimal/decimal number
  • leaguename|competitionname
  • stadium Stadium type for the home team
  • structstadium Stadium enhancement (or NA)
  • started|finished Time game started/finished
  • Several base URLs for image assets (for putting together match summary screens?)

Things to note

Inflicted casualities/kos/injuries/deaths for one team does not equal the sustained casualities/kos/injuries/deaths for the other team because of injuries that arise through failed dodges and GFIs (maybe failed blocks too?).

We can see how many players have been sent off for fouling, but the number of fouls doesn’t seem to be recorded anywhere.

Text encoding seems to have gotten messed up somewhere, so coach/team names with non-standard characters will come out garbled.

Crowdsurfs do not appear to be recorded properly, because none are recorded across all five Champion Ladder seasons.

  1. Thanks to Dode for providing the data

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