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With round one nearly over it’s probably a bit late for this, but I thought it might be fun to try a preseason analysis of the division and see if we can come up with some wild guesses about how the season might play out. So, for those of you who can’t be bothered scouting out your opponents, here is a brief look at what everyone brings to the table leading up to season one.

Clockwork Orkage

Record 5-4-3, TD for/against 11 / 9, CAS for/against 16 / 19

A reasonably middle-of-the-road team with close to average performance on all metrics. With plenty of guard on blitzers and only a scattering of other levels, I’m imagining the Black Orcs and blitzers of this team just linking arms and marching straight down the pitch, grinding the other team out of the way.

Do or Die…

6-3-3, TD 11 / 10, CAS 13 / 15

A good spread of SPP sees this team bring one level 3 and nine level 2 players to the season. A solid team with one scary ST4 goat, but has some weaknesses with three players at AV7. Could be a tough team to handle with a few good results in the early rounds.

Blood Red Skies

6-3-3, TD 16 / 13, CAS 23 / 11

One of the harder hitting teams in the division has raced to a full 16 man roster, helped along by the seven kills notched up in the seeder rounds. With two sneaky git zombies (one with dirty player) lying down on the pitch is a dangerous place to be in this matchup.

Black House

4-4-4, TD 9 / 10, CAS 9 / 18

Has a full complement of positionals, with some good development on the wolves and ghouls. The Flesh Golems and Wights are a little underdeveloped compared to the rest of the players, but still a pretty formidable lineup.

Cold beards

4-3-5, TD 13 / 13, CAS 27 / 23

Typical Norse glass cannon, with the equal most casualties caused and second most casualties sustained. Has no runner rostered on the team, but fakes it with one dauntless and one +MV lineman. The block Yhetee will be a scary sight for all the AV9 in the division.

Party Blockers

6-3-3, TD 14 / 11, CAS 25 / 4

The most efficiently destructive force around, handing out over six casualties for each one they receive. Due in no small part to the superstar blitzer lineup that is being assembled with plenty of POMB, guard, and even a tackle. The Black Orcs therefore take up a strict supporting role, with two guard and one dodge (who will come into his own sometime around season 4 ;))

Blue-tongued Bruisers

6-4-2, TD 19 / 12, CAS 27 / 19

My lizards come into the division just edging out the four 6-3-3 teams for best starting record, due in large part to my extreme skill at rolling level ups. A blodge krox, a ST5 saurus and a block skink provide the base for this team to work around. As always, the skinks are the weak point of the team. With a single player on the bench games can go very bad very quickly.

Toro Loco

6-2-4, TD 17 / 16, CAS 19 / 28

Suffered as a bit of a punching bag in the seeder rounds, but still managed to finish with a respectable record. I like the role reversal on display in the lineup, with a guard catcher to get in the thick of it and an AG4 blizer to make the showy plays. The guard/break tackle ogre has the potential to be a nuisance for teams that can’t find a way to lock it down.

Boys in Capes

4-4-4, TD 15 / 13, CAS 13 / 23

This team takes a minimalist approach to blood bowl. With a thrower/catcher combo as a scoring threat, two blitzers and a guard lineman for some hitting power and a kick lineman to control the flow of play, all the necessary elements of a successful team are present. Don’t let the lack of players fool you however, this team’s record shows it is still capable of getting results with random spectators pulled from the stands to make up the numbers each week.

Natural Synergy

4-1-7, TD 14 / 17, CAS 17 / 22

One beefed up blitzer (MB/tackle/guard) and a block ogre provide the main threats of this team. The three other blitzers all have guard as well, suggesting that getting into a brawl with this team is unlikely to end in your favour.

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